Scams using Zelle are on the rise……

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  1. teratical says:

    Good article, as it details three different kinds of scams.

    The first one was pulled off because people keep answering their phones and falling for spoofed numbers. The lesson I keep trying to impart:

    **Stop answering the phone unless it’s coming from someone you know and expect** (exception for work-related lines). It’s just too easy for scammers to spoof your bank, your local police, the IRS, etc. Legit callers will leave a message.

    From the article:

    *Woods lost $3,500 after getting what she thought was a call from her bank. Her caller ID showed “Bank of America,” but instead it was a scammer telling her that there were thousands of dollars in so-called fraudulent withdrawals from her account via Zelle.*

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