Seems legit

Seems legit

The content was posted by DC21219 on 2021-10-03 13:42:50 via reddit

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  1. Huddlestone says:

    Dumb of him to use different names lol. That’s the first red flag I noticed. And the pdf could be a virus in itself. Anyways this is a low-effort scam.

  2. Stephanoi_Gamer says:

    PDF – 10 kb

    yeah wonder what there would be on that pdf

  3. Wow only $2,000,000? Couldn’t send more smh.

  4. iwastetime4 says:

    What exactly would be on that pdf? Virus? Some script? Ransomware?

  5. AvalancheReturns says:

    What did the attachement say?

  6. Shepettan_Pride says:

    Honestly I never understand why the amount they pick is SO absurdly huge. Like, if I were writing an email scam, I feel like a smaller-but-still-substantial amount of money, (Like $500-1200 max, something that sounds less cartoony), would get a lot more clicks. But I guess that’s the point? They want people who will fall for such an absurdly high amount because they’re likely too ignorant or tech illiterate to see through the rest of the scam..

  7. Eats_Dead_Things says:

    Sure it does…

  8. DR_Timefox says:

    Really it was sent by Mohammed and signed by Dennis and Maria. So much a scam

  9. Living-Reference5329 says:

    Good job my names you

  10. I want to give you $$. Cool send me a .pdf

  11. aQUantUMchiLD1 says:

    Might be in Kazakhstanee pesos….

  12. MasterBaiter1914 says:

    10 KaBillion $

  13. lawschoolmeanderings says:

    Send me it I’ll open it

  14. artimus_pr1m3 says:

    Ah yes, I also prefer to keep my millions in PDF format.

  15. It will be more realistic if the sender name is Mr beast

  16. karatebullfightr says:

    Of the Manhattan Qayed-McGees?

    Railroad men aren’t they?

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