Sextorsion scam

Sextorsion scam

The content was posted by xgreenapplez on 2021-10-07 12:36:17 via reddit

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  1. Ok_Ebb_5201 says:

    Fine. Release it to the world. I don’t care anymore. Everyone should see it. I’m not ashamed anymore. You hear me Jah?!, IM NOT ASHAMED ANYMORE!

    ::breathing heavy from just having a breakthrough. Then breathing heavy from my masturbation addiction::

    Edit: typo

  2. Homie a little fruity

  3. You can demand a demo

  4. sticks_2222 says:

    what a hypocrite 😂

  5. indigowulf says:

    “Dude, I get paid to whack it on camera. If you hacked my camera, you are in violation of copyright laws. I demand you return my videos, or pay me $3.99 per minute of video like everyone else, you cheap perv!”

  6. quantumbutthurt says:

    The weird synonyms (“onanism” and “clasp” for example) are so that it gets through your spam filter.

  7. Jacktrades352 says:

    “You look like an adult, but you wank off like you’re a pimply teen”


  8. Careless-Schedule811 says:

    Gay why would u record another man jacking off

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