sextortion victim

I really messed up! I was chatting with someone on Grindr and sent them explicit photos of myself. They wanted to move the chat to text so dumb me did and gave them my number. When they got my number they sent me pictures with access to my facebook, my work website, and new my full name. They sent me pictures of things typed into the chat box of people I’m friends with on facebook. I freaked out and paid them a bunch of money in the form of gift cards that night and they told me we where done. Well i knew that wasnt it and the next morning i got a phone call demanding more. i said i couldn’t so they made it less and less money but i still declined. i blocked the number and that was the last contact i had with them. It has been 48 hours but i am still freaking out

The content was posted by SadMagazine7344 on 2021-10-08 16:31:26 via reddit

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  1. !skype scam. Since you actually paid they may be more likely to keep trying, but consider shutting down your social media for a while to make them think you’re gone.

  2. catdadlion says:

    Did the guy sound American just curious?

  3. SadMagazine7344 says:

    What are the odds of my stuff getting posted or sent out?

  4. SadMagazine7344 says:

    how long until i should feel a little safer

  5. SadMagazine7344 says:

    is there a chance they are done with me if i havent been contacted in 54 hours

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