SGS Consulting asking for last 4 of SSN. Says it’s to create ID to track me in the system. Legit or scam?

So I’ve been speaking with a recruiter at SGS Consulting in regards to filling a position at CVS. Today she asked me for the month and day of birth, my name including middle name, my address and then the last 4 digits of my SSN. I naively gave it out and instantly regretted it. Afterwards I asked her why she needs the last 4 of my SSN. She claimed it’s to help create a unique ID for me in the system so they can track my candidacy  progress. After I got off the phone I called my banks and the 4 main credit bureaus to protect myself just in case this was a scam. I regret not faking the 4 SSN numbers and have felt sick about this all day. Some posts on here say this is common practice for recruiters, others say no recruiter would ever ask that information. She has a heavy Indian accent, I tried so hard to not judge this, but now I really think I got scammed. Just looking for some feedback from anyone who’s given out the same info to recruiters in the past and haven’t had their info comprised in any way. Really hoping this company is legit and I didn’t give this sensitive info out to scammers who’s going to try and ruin my credit that I’ve worked so hard to build. I’ve definitely learned my lesson and will never give out such personal information again. Any advice is welcome, thank you.

Forgot to mention that she said they will also be doing a background check and going to need a drug test. Is that normal then to need the last 4 of my SSN in order to do a background check?

The content was posted by megunda333 on 2021-11-19 02:29:18 via reddit

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  1. shifuteejeh says:

    They could easily create a unique id without that. That is the most unconvincing answer as to why they would “need” it. They asked you for the exact things that a credit agency might ask for to authorize them to discuss your account with you. How certain are you that you are in fact speaking with sgs consulting concerning a role at cvs?

  2. sykoticwit says:

    There’s very little anyone can do with the last four of your social. Everything else is pretty standard for any job application.

  3. Educational-Chef-888 says:

    Since covid there have been a lot of scammers in the recruiting realm. I would make sure there’s any alarm out that you can get or pretend to keep talking to her and report her

  4. Seems like a pretty legitimate company, to be honest. It seems a bit strange, but I wouldn’t be worried.

    The only thing I’d be concerned about is if you were actually dealing with SGS Consulting, and not someone else masquerading as them.

  5. kingsleykali11 says:

    Their only client seems to be CVS they call and email me on a daily basis and I’ve told them multiple times I’m not interested.

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