Shameless scammer stole $5000 from us, threatened us because we won’t let him/her continue.

Some scumbag scammed the online store I am working at by abusing Paypal claims (you know they always side with buyers). We lost $5000 on cameras and lenses before we finally blocked him/her. Then we received this email:

>Your company decided it was smart to not ship out my item. I already opened a claim and the claim will close in my favor on xx/xx/14 via paypal. You could have simply refunded and cancelled my order as Im getting my money back regardless.. But since you want to play… we can play.

>I’m going to make sure that I destroy your company’s reputation online via every website I can possibly leave a review on.

>And from now until next year, I am going to continuously purchase from you and charge back on every purchase with different IP Addresses using different names ranging from different cities and countries. You will lose massive amounts of your inventory.

>This is my final message to xxxstore. I’m going to spend the entire of next year ripping you off in ways you couldn’t imagine one single customer could.


MFW: the scammer thinks we can’t detect proxy ip.

*We have finally reported case to ic3 with his info. (that he sent in for security check)

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  1. Send that message along with any other documentation you have to Paypal and ask them to open the previous claims. The asshole has pretty much admitted he’s a scammer.

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  3. As an eBay seller, I can say this is something I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy. I hope you get this sorted out.

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