She cracked eventually.

She cracked eventually.

The content was posted by slobsaregross on 2021-11-18 04:52:28 via reddit

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  1. scapegoat130 says:

    I sure do miss Beverly

  2. nightforday says:

    “Look, Alfafa, you’re the one who messaged me. If you’re going to start texting me, then you don’t get to tell me when to stop; that’s my decision.

    Now Beverly, she did hair. She was pretty damned good at it too, as long as you wanted your hair in the feathered style…”

  3. Cirrus-Ramparts says:

    Normally I’d say “don’t engage the spammers” but this was hilarious, well done

  4. shillyshally says:


    I love the brain that generated this.

    Celery salt.

  5. communistpedagogy says:


    I wonder how desperate people are to actively scam people like this.. like it must take a lot of energy to have thousands of conversations

    what were they doing before? why didn’t it work out? how did they end up here? what do they tell their mother?

  6. TargetMajora says:

    You like pierogis??

  7. SilkyOatmeal says:

    Is anyone else starting to feel the loss of Beverly?

  8. DifficultHat says:

    Rip Beverly

    The callback about buying property near a golf course was gold

  9. blackoutmedia_ says:

    Golf claimed another victim. Sorry for loss

  10. dustsmoke says:

    Do you like crawfish boils? lol

  11. eyes_serene says:

    Oh my God I *cracked* up at perogies.

    The rest of it is humorous but sad because these scammers just don’t have any feelings or empathy at all. They don’t even pretend to care. I just feel so badly for the genuinely lonely people they come across and chew up and spit out.

    But oh my God, “do you like perogies?” 😂

  12. coolbrothanksbro says:

    I read this in a made up southern voice

  13. Do you write for a living? This is grade A material. (shit post material, but still great)

  14. JudCasper says:

    Some friend. She didn’t seem interested in anything you had to say.

  15. antinumerology says:

    All it took was the P word. Got to take note of this. Cheap Slavic cuisine is the bane of all text crypto scam apparently.

  16. fuckmeuntilicecream says:

    **Lost. What a funny word. It implies we can be found.**

    I love this.

  17. “You like pierogis?”


    funny thing is… i had a few just before reading this…

  18. This had me cracking up. Absolutely brilliant.

  19. It warms my heart to see scammers actually having to waste time putting effort into their pointless messages rather than just spam people with bots

  20. tinysmommy says:

    Lmao I’d like to hear more about Beverley.

  21. I really want you to keep doing this.

  22. drumadarragh says:

    I lost it at Alfalfa

  23. daisylaundress says:

    Haha love it! The scammer telling them to get lost 🤣

  24. LuvAirtime says:

    This was highly entertaining, thank you.

  25. The_Real_Zane says:

    FYI. Your return on investment for Bitcoin will never be 1000% day trading. 1% if you’re lucky

  26. jigglybitt says:

    Dammit now I want some crawfish! Thanks Alfalfa!

  27. bluejuiselove says:

    You handled that perfectly *chef’s kiss*

  28. Fitchywanklebottom says:

    Lol. Man i was really getting into the back story.

  29. SweatpantsCowboy says:

    Great effort all around… on the Scamee’s part and on the Scammer’s part. Great persistence on both sides

  30. DivisionBalls says:

    Are you a bluesman since you live by the Delta?

  31. International_Ruin16 says:

    This was hilarious! Way to keep them on the hook.

  32. I couldnt help but read your messages in the old prospector voice.

  33. lucymcgoosen says:

    I don’t normally read these anymore, but this was worth it!!!!

  34. Anyone else like to ask if they accept endoran dollars?

  35. 2michaela says:

    You are a legend !

  36. serin_dipity says:

    Well done! I really enjoyed the background story 😂

  37. Are you interested?

  38. MissMabeliita says:

    So, did she ever say if she likes pierogies???

  39. thatgrrrl117 says:

    So much for being friends, yeesh.

  40. Pretty good story, Glen!

    I usually just reply that I too am a crypto master and I can teach them to do 10x their earnings, for a small fee.

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