SierraStarr (aka SieraStar, SierraBlue, SierraSky)


[ A woman of many names. None of them being Sierra.](

(First of all, I fucked up her “official” name in the title, it’s SierraStar, not Starr. But with all the variations, can you blame me? If any mods can fix it, great, if not, who cares)

Before I get into my story, I’m just curious if anyone else has had interactions with whoever the hell this person really is? Finding you on a dating app and thus, the romance scam begins? I can share specific details (down to entire conversations on two separate apps) if necessary. I have receipts for basically the entire saga. I’m just very busy at the moment and wanted to start the conversation ASAP, as she seems to be quite well-known from what I can tell. But I haven’t ventured very deep into the world of cam girls, I honestly never cared until now. All I know is she’s been at it for a while, can’t imagine why she has 6 different accounts under similar names 4/6 closed ([](

If you want a brief introduction to what I dealt with, check this post: [](

edit: By the way, I did check the rules, please let me know if I messed anything up. If proof is requested (the receipts thing), I wouldn’t even think to include personal info. Not that I have much. But I would not reveal any of her social media accounts or government name.

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  1. mwkdyebxiz says:

    i actually do yes wtf

  2. Warheadz666 says:

    I have some fun little updates to share later today once I sleep and finish my shift at work! But I definitely have some entertainment for Reddit. I came across a similar sub earlier and they only allow screenshots, lmao. They got quite the post coming if that’s the case.

    But yes, avoid this scammer at all costs. If you find her on a dating app, her name will be Alex. From what I remember, she said she was 26 and her one picture looked like shit compared her professional content.

    This is if her buddies don’t hack me first, lmao. *Someone* attempted to commandeer my Facebook today. Checks out, considering I finally just called her out last night and she seems to be in panic mode.

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