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  1. Def a scam, note the “this is fate” crap they’re pulling.


    Next time just eagerly confirm they are who they say you are, it’ll be much funnier.

  2. 99burner99 says:

    “What shop?”

    “Coffee shop.”

    “oh, of course, thank you for clearing it up. see you there at 5!”

    inevitably, if you did that, the person on the other end would have a “family emergency” and try to reschedule, as pretty much always happens with the dating scammers on 90 Day Fiance.

  3. carolineecouture says:

    Think about this. Have you ever struck up a conversation with someone in this way? If you text someone by accident, what do you do? “Oops, my bad.” End conversation.

  4. MrDaburks says:

    “…the newly opened coffee shop…” reads like something you’d see in a foreign language 101 textbook, and “It can’t be so coincidence.” should seal the deal even if nothing else did.

  5. ochisiepa says:

    Just report block and ignore. Trying to string them along to know their end game can take months and if you get a good one you’ll start second guessing yourself

  6. Yep, seen same texts a few times. Will want to chat on another platform that will involve your credit card.

  7. GlitchExpert9777 says:

    Only problem here is they both goofy 😂

  8. Sarah1987x says:

    It can’t be so coincidence.

  9. Does the account happen to have a picture of a young, beautiful (maybe Asian) woman?

  10. deadlyhausfrau says:

    This person talks like someone who doesn’t really understand the language which isn’t necessarily a bad sign. But since everything is generic and they so conveniently are going to do everything you’re going to do it’s definitely a scam.

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