Small family deli got an email for catering service. Everything went smoothly until I got this email at 2am… does this smell like a scam or what….

Small family deli got an email for catering service. Everything went smoothly until I got this email at 2am… does this smell like a scam or what….

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  1. Aunty_Fascist says:

    Oh, yeah. That’s a scam all right.

  2. mauseloch says:

    It’s a scam.

    Why should you pay in his Nam an other company?

    Why doesen’t pay by himself.

    Stop business with this man. You will get in trouble.


    Greetings from germany

  3. OffenseTaker says:

    Yep, there’s a kindly

    100% a scam

  4. PDX2VANWA says:

    Yikes! That run on sentence was so long it circled the earth. I’m glad you reached out and didn’t fall for this scam. Some people are the worst.

  5. bee_administrator says:

    Yeah absolutely that’s a scam.

    Either there is no actual event planner, in which case you are just going to get fake check scammed, or (if I’m reading it right, the dude isn’t exactly being clear) this person is trying to get you to overcharge the event planner, keep some of the money and send the rest to themselves.

    Doing that without permission from the credit card holder would be fraud.

  6. I had the same script message sent to my family own bakery. It took me a whole week to get them to come to an agreement on cake and pastries which ended up being 1,000+ then when I message about card information…I got that via email. It was so upsetting considering I was already preparing to set it up.

  7. Yup, !fakepayment scam. The whole $3800+ will get yanked back out of your account once the bank figures out something’s wrong.

  8. Blatantly-Biased says:

    ‘Kindly’ go fuck yourselves scammers

  9. maaiillltiime5698 says:

    “Kindly” is the bat signal of a scam

  10. First of all the scammers are always calling or texting at weird times of the night. 2 am or 4 am because of their time zone. Then the fact that they can’t pay for whatever and need your assistance on this matter, then there’s the word kindly. Lol always kindly with these scammers.

  11. fuckwingo says:

    “Payment ASAP” is always always always scammer lingo

  12. Very common fake payment scam from Nigeria. The kindly is a dead givaway.

    Just block and ignore, or keep messaging and have some fun. Don’t put any effort in their orders tho.

  13. WilliamIsted says:

    Never ever ever send money to an unknown third party on behalf of a customer / client.

    Even if their payment to you cleared they could back out and try to charge back the entire amount sent including the money you’ve already transferred to someone else.

  14. blahblahbloodyhell says:

    This one did the thing! Kindly = filthy scammer. Your family would’ve have had any catering for your event. I’m so glad you checked in here for advice. These folks in here know what they’re talking about.

  15. goldenopal42 says:

    Definitely a scam. Cancel their order.

    My favorite part is how there is an event planner that never contacts the caterer. You know how you pay someone $3k to throw a party but they don’t even arrange the food for you? Ha!

    Right up there with the classic *This is the police calling to let you know we are on our way to arrest you.*

  16. That’s pretty clever, really. Get people invested first and then spring it on them. I guess it would work best if the victim has already invested actual money and resources. Utter rat bastards.

  17. Misrabelle says:

    Absolutely a scam.

    Our business received similar a few years ago. If you were to ask specific questions they don’t really answer, because they’re just going from a script, and don’t know specifics.

  18. metaljane666 says:

    Ugh scam! I got similar requests for my cake business and I learned they always ask for a large order in a short amount of time and every time they say “do you accept credit card?” Then they proceed to ask you to charge extra to pay their private courier cash on their behalf. Someone got scammed that way in my area and were on the news after they had made a huge order of cupcakes and then finding out they lost thousands in cash too. Good thing you spotted the red flags!!

  19. CrzyPibbleSixx23 says:

    This is totally a scam

  20. Paulie_Mac says:

    Definitely a scam! I had to stop reading half way through second paragraph – the explanation for so confusing!

  21. GassGass63 says:

    “kindly” Always a heads up

  22. DisciplineScary says:

    I always tell people this,if you are thinking to yourself “this makes zero sense” or “wait,can you explain that again” trust your gut and distance yourself. My gut is right 99.9% of the time,it’s pretty much human beings spidey sense lol.

  23. sakotowski says:

    That’s a hard no. His event planner is having trouble with his credit card company? That’s his problem and not yours. That’s a whole lot of crazy.

  24. SCAM!!

    Everything about this email….the wording, the effusive apologies and promises to cover all costs, the rambling dialogue, the explicit instructions, all of it from start to finish is one giant res flag. I hope you haven’t spent anything on this sham of an event yet

  25. SpaceGuy1968 says:

    Thats a regular old time favorite overpayment scam…

    I had a friend who fell for this and sent someone mony orders for close to 3k…. i looked at her and said…. YOU ARR LYING RIGHT? (NO SHE WASN’T)

  26. RookCustodian says:

    Can we just name and shame these people so they stop stealing our grandparents life savings? It seems like scammers never get named and shamed IMO.

  27. productboi says:

    I got caught by one like this 100% a scam.

  28. Lavendercrimson12 says:

    “Kindly” is a dead giveaway.

    When they stop writing “kindly” they will scam a lot more people!

  29. All day scam. “I need a little favor from you”. I get these all the time in web development. Add $4000 for his consultant, pay the consultant directly, take an extra $200 for my trouble. Scamscamscammityscam

  30. OGShredditor says:

    Every scam I’ve ever seen in some way uses the word “kindly”

    Dead fucking giveaway. Nobody says that shit anymore.

  31. Scam.
    1. You send large bill and they pay by card.
    2. You give them cash or another form of payment.
    3. They file a charge-back with the bank and get their original payment back.
    4. You’re out of whatever amount you had handed them in cash.

  32. Aggressive-Compote64 says:

    Total scam. Got the same for my photography service a couple years ago.

  33. SpecialTelephone6698 says:

    It never cease to amaze me what people come up with

  34. ez_as_31416 says:

    yup, used to get these at our cafe on a regular basis.

  35. i_love_the_usa1776 says:


  36. TheGuestResponds says:

    All other red flags aside, use of the word “kindly” always means scam. I don’t know a native English speaker that uses that word in the same fashion as your typical scammers do

  37. RabidRoosters says:

    “Kindly” gives it away. Also, why can’t they just pay the other people? Block and move on.

  38. aj1010101 says:

    Kindly…. Respectfully…. If you are in N.A. this is obviously a scam

  39. Warm_Strawberry_9998 says:

    I was almost”SCAMMED” that way.
    So sorry this is happening to you,but if you think its ok
    Politely decline his request and see if they can just stick to your original business.

  40. Why is it always a 200 dollar gratuity. The amount is always the same. You would think they would change it up or something. That is how I know it is a scam when they add a gratuity on it before the event or when they are in process of a scam.

  41. Bartender35 says:

    Ahhh the KINDLY….

  42. HotblackDesiato2003 says:

    Any type of unreadable run-on sentence immediately goes into the red flag scam alert section of my brain.

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