SMH…I fell for it.

I was searching for tools on home Depot when Microsoft Edge prompted me they found a cheaper price on a site called.

I didn’t think twice since I was in real need to tools for a good price. I paid for one and the second order had to be made with another email for some reason. I reached out the customer service and it was all scripted responses. SCAM ALERT. I was able to get the charges disputed but they now have my full name, credit card, address, and phone number. What should I do?

The content was posted by Mental_Notes on 2021-11-19 19:30:03 via reddit

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  1. BebeRabbit_pc says:

    Cancel credit card and request new from your bank… immediately

  2. wolfysalone says:

    Your full name, address and phone number is public information. The only thing you can do is get a new card and let the bank do the work

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