Smsishing scam?

I got a text message claiming to be from TD Bank, a bank I haven’t ever stepped foot into, claiming someone used my card to try buying 927 dollars of something from an online store. The phone number in the text is listed as 1800REDACTED. The number tried calling me three times in one minute half an hour later. I’m assuming it’s a scam since I don’t have a TD bank account or any bank accounts or cards for that matter. Also the phone number calling me is pretty sus. The phone number it gave is probably fake since half the online reviews are saying it’s a scam and the other half say it’s a real TD bank number. The text message came from the short code number 869-REDACTED. Looking up the phone number it looks like it’s been used in other similar scams like one that says “TD Bank fraud dept received your msg. It is important we talk to you. Please call 800REDACTED. ASAP”. The message I got follows this format “FreeMsg: TD Bank Fraud Dept. 1800REDACTED Did you attempt 927.41 at (the name of the online store) with card x(last 4 digits of a card number)? Reply YES or NO. Case (hyperlinked case number I’m not brave enough to tap) To opt out reply STOP” TD Bank has that number listed nowhere on their website. All of their numbers are 888 numbers not 800 and the fraud department’s number isn’t the one from the text message. Is there anyway to definitively prove it’s a scam even though I think it obviously is?

Edit I removed phone numbers.

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  1. If you really have concerns, you could call the number on the TD website. I’m sure they’ll tell you the alleged “case number” is bogus. Better yet, though, just check your credit report, and look for any cards that you haven’t opened. It’s *highly* unlikely that an identity thief would have used your contact information to open a fraudulent credit card, but stranger things have happened.

    It might also be worthwhile to check with your bank(s) and make sure you’re aware of how they would actually contact you in a case of suspected fraud. Then you wouldn’t have to worry about at least 99% of wannabe fraudsters.

    Most of these work on inducing panic in the recipient. When people know what a valid communication should look like, they’re less likely to freak out when a bogus one comes along.

  2. > Is there anyway to definitively prove it’s a scam even though I think it obviously is?

    It’s definitely spam, don’t worry about it.

  3. They are hoping a real TD customer will take the bait. They tell you some crazy theft story and try to get you to pull your money out and either send them gift cards or redirect your money to another account (theirs).

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