So I got this email. The bad English is kinda funny.

So I got this email. The bad English is kinda funny.

The content was posted by _EvictionNotice_ on 2021-10-05 06:04:41 via reddit

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  1. spiciestmemelord69 says:

    Very common !blackmail scam

  2. Tots2Hots says:

    Block, ignore. Nothing will happen.

  3. ashimo414141 says:

    Please reply “yeah” I wanna see if they send out some shitty deepfake

  4. AConcernedTaxpayer says:

    “you looked the site to experience fun” lol yea thats the point usually

  5. teratical says:

    I’m surprised they included the part about your password, as most versions of this in the last few months have dropped that. They simply bought a large data set that includes email addresses and old passwords from long ago data breaches, then sent this to everyone in the data set. All of the claims are a bluff. There’s no point trying to track down who sent it, just ignore it

    Also, it’s so commonly posted here that it’s one of only two scams that we have a moratorium on: [Read this before posting: how to keep your post from being deleted](

    If you want to help future victims of this !blackmail scam, go here: []( and copy-and-paste the email you received as a comment to help future googlers. They kept tweaking the language, so it helps to have lots of examples in the now-7 threads of examples we have.

  6. _EvictionNotice_ says:

    The email address I got it from is [email protected]. Also, it’s a password I haven’t used in 9 years and idk what account he’s taking about. But yea anyone know how I could allegedly find more information about where this came from or who sent it?

  7. rilakkumkum says:

    I came here because I got this exact email

  8. Juliangoes89 says:

    Got a variation of this email the last year, but it was written in better English, lol.

  9. Simple copy and paste and they won’t stop. They cannot so shit to you. Change your password. I got one hacker that tries to keep getting into my yahoo account since the last yahoo hack. Lucky I have security set up.

  10. Huddlestone says:

    Haha these make me laugh. I’ve seen these over a 100 times.

  11. raulrocks99 says:

    $2628? Is that like $2500 + tax? Are scammers now charging tax on their blackmail? What is the world coming to?

  12. chapterthree123 says:

    I get that email, too. They always send out a LONG compromised password to somehow convince me that this is legit.

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