Some un-savouries out there today! Remember the rule, if it’s too good to be true it’s probably a scam! See if you can spot the red flags! Transcript below!

Scammer: Hello userStill having problems swapping floki token?

Me: Managed to get it sorted, now just wait for the price to stop going down

Scammer: Okay sounds good , if i may ask is your wallet connected to dapps interface so as to be legible for coin pump and other rewards

Me: I don’t think so

Scammer: Okay all you need to do is to establish connection to dapps interface , once this is done you would be legible for coin pump other bonuses

Me: Any dapps interface or a specific one?

Scammer: Yes a specific once , meant for the connection to the dapps interface, for legibility

Scammer: Do you understand that ?

Me: So I can see the connections in trust wallet, but they are either for swaps or other coins. Is there one specifically for Floki?

Scammer: Yes definitely sir , all token are designated to dapps interface

Scammer: Do you understand that ?

Me: Do you know which one is for Floki?

Scammer: Yes i know the dapps interface for floki Would send the link for dapps interface so as to get it done

Scammer: Is that okay with you?

Me: Yes

Scammer: A sec while i send it, Get your wallet connected through WalletConnect API []( to connect dapps interface so you can be legible for coin pump and other bonusesDid you get it ?

Me: Yes thanks, I’ll have a look in a bit

Scammer: Okay , you should click on your type of wallet so as to proceed

Scammer: Kindly let me know once done

Me: Done

Scammer: You clicked on meta mask being your wallet right ??

Me: Yep

Scammer: Okay and then when you finish the process, what did it say ?You should be provided a qr codeDid you get your QR code ??

Me: No It’s hung

Scammer: ???You didn’t finish the steps

Scammer: you can restart

Scammer: Using the link

Scammer: When you click on your type of wallet , you complete the process and you would be provided a QR code

Me: I’ll have to try again later, need to do some work

Scammer: You should get it done now , so the connection can take place , its fast and easy Dont know why your making mistakes about it ?

Me: It didn’t give me the qr code twice, it didn’t recognise my wallet being there

Scammer: It was quite easy for me What wallet do you use ? Meta mask right ?

Me: Yes

Scammer: When you clicked on the dapps link, did you see your type of wallet on there??

Me: I clicked meta mask it just took me to the website for metamask

Scammer: Okay when you click on meta mask it took you to another site ?? What does it says ???

Me: It says to download metamask

Scammer: Nahh You are doing the wrong thing[]( you go When you click on meta mask , it should ask you to import wallet so as to establish the dapps connection

Scammer: Do you understand me now ?

Scammer: Once done you would be provided a QR codeDid you get it done ?

Me: It’s spinning

Me: My network is slow

Scammer: OkayWhere you able to import your wallet ?

Me: I think so

Scammer: Confirm pls and you should get your qr code , if yes you have imported your wallet

Me: Square thing with the bits in it? Yes

Scammer: Okay , so once imported , you would be given the qr code , make sure you screenshot it and send for confirmation

Me: Send it where?

Scammer: You can send a screenshot on here , for confirmation

Me: Confirmation of what?

Scammer: I asked if you got your qr code after import your wallet ??

Me: Yes

Scammer: And i asked to send a screenshot for confirmation , just want to be sure your doing the right thing

Me: I can confirm

Scammer: Yes that why i asked for the screenshot

Me: Of what?

Scammer: The qr code page , that was provided when you where done importing wallet

Me: Yes I got it

Scammer: You can blur it and send screenshot of that page ,

Me: Every time I try and take a picture it just goes to the link, it’s too quick for me I think it’s connected, what happens next? How do I pump? How do I connect to the right dapp?

Scammer: You are not doing it rightI gave you the link to connect to dapps interface[]( you go

Me: Yes, and I did what you said and it connected.Where is the dapps? And the pump thing? Hang on, I think I found it.

Scammer: If you import your wallet successfully , you would be given a QR code , send a screenshot of the barcode. , so i can confirm your doing the right thing

Me: It’s done, where the pump dapp?

Scammer: What is done ?

Me: Connected

Scammer: Provide the qr code given to you , when you imported your walletI cant see any screenshot

Me: Are you looking in the right place? Send me a screen shot of what you are looking at.

Scammer: 📷This is how the QR looks when you import your wallet successfully

Me: That’s the same as what I had, how did you get that?

Scammer: If you dont get something like that , you are doing it the wrong way That barcode is mine , you should be given yours when you import your wallet You are not doing it the right way then , i asked you to send a screenshotWere is yours ??

Me: On my phone

Scammer: Send a screenshotWithout your screenshot , I can’t confirm what your doing , if right or wrong

Me: did it right, I got the qr code, it looks like your one. I’m on a different device I can’t get the screen shot on here

Scammer: What device are you on ????

Me: Now?

Scammer: Yes

Me: Ipad And playstation

Scammer: Cant you screenshot on your iPad ?

Me: Is a microwave a device?

Me: It would be a picture of this chat?!?

Scammer: Why picture of this chat ?

Me: That was my question?? Why do you want a screenshot of the chat?

Scammer: Want to see the picture of the QR provided to you after importing your walletI dont want to see a screenshot of the chart

Me: But that’s not in this chat! What chart? Dude you are confusing the hell out of me!

Scammer: I want a screenshot of the barcode provided to you , when you imported you wallet

Me: I told you it’s on my phone not on the iPad! What’s the chart you are on about? Is that important?Where is the pump thing with the reward?

Scammer: Dont get confused ?Did you import your wallet ?? If yes howWhy cant you send a screenshot of the barcode providedAm not sure you did what i asked you

Me: That’s a bit rude, I followed all your instructions, I connected my wallet and now you won’t tell me how to pump!

Scammer: There is a mistake your making , sorry about that , am here and would put you throughDon’t want you all confusedWhere is your barcode provided to you when you import your wallet ?Do you understand me ??What is your eth address ?

Me: Just having some lunch and someone sent me a dick pic, it was massive, do you want to see? Was it you?

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  1. Assuming that the barcode he is asking is the 2FA code, does that mean someone would be doomed after sending it?

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