Someone Attempted to Scam. Should i do anything

Posted an add on Kijiji. Basicallty someone tried to send me a “Business Cheque” over email and asked me to accept it and send him a confirmation when i accpeted it. Obviously this is a scam. I told him its a scam and said Bye. He proceeded to say “Im reporting you for letting me send you a cheque”

can this hurt me in anyway? or should i contact some sort of fraud department. I took screenshots of everything and blocked the number and didnt open the email. Should i do anything. I Live in Canada BTW

The content was posted by jackandcarlygunn on 2021-10-04 02:56:22 via reddit

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  1. oldfrenchwhore says:

    No, it’s absolute nonsense. Safe to completely ignore.

  2. Seems low effort of them in the first place. Doubt anything will happen. Safe to say you can ignore

  3. You cannot be turned in for anything that’s out of your control. Like receiving fraudulent bank transactions cannot get you into trouble, but not returning the stolen money that arrived to you – certainly can.

  4. If you still have a copy of the cheque, call the bank it was written on, and let them know what you experienced, and that you were given one of their client’s information. That will help.

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