Someone I don’t know Venmoed me $40 dollars. A few days later, they messaged me asking for it back saying it was for the nail salon lady. Is this a scam or…?

I don’t use Venmo often, so I didn’t even notice the transfer. However, she did indeed Venmo me $40 a bit ago. Now, I’m the type of person who easily falls into scams, so I feel like I have to be extra cautious in general. I searched up if this is a scam that happens and it is a confirmed scam that happens. Do you think it’s a scam or should I send the money back? Is it weird that she paid the nail salon lady by Venmo? I clicked on the person’s profile, and they do indeed have friends, so it’s not an empty throwaway account I don’t think.

The content was posted by Floofyland on 2021-11-11 04:04:06 via reddit

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  1. teratical says:

    As a general rule, this is a scam. When they are able to steal a Venmo account, they then do a bunch of these “oops, please send back” transactions to get the money transferred to their account. When the victims eventually find out and the money is clawed back, it will come out of your account and the scammer will get away with the money.

    As noted, tell them to reach out to Venmo to fix the transaction.

  2. Aunty_Fascist says:

    You’re supposed to contact Venmo, tell them what happened, and let them handle it. Don’t return the money.

  3. neapolitanpuff says:

    It sounds sketch, just tell her to reach out to venmo and fix the transaction.

  4. Miss_Mermaid1 says:

    It’s a scam. Do not send any money.

  5. chubbybooger says:

    SCAM. Do not send money.

  6. Tell them to contact Venmo. Let Venmo support handle it.

  7. trevor3431 says:

    Have them go through Venmo and tell them you will cooperate if Venmo reaches out to you.

  8. jimm44333 says:

    I know a few businesses use Venmo/PayPal/Apple Pay etc but if you can some how see how old the account then that’s another giveaway it’s a scam

  9. Beautiful-Jacket says:

    Quite possibly a scam but my nail salon I always go to does have the option to Venmo *shrug

  10. theresadfdert says:

    the stolen $40 will be charged back. your account might be terminated as fraud. the scammer got away with ur $40 as you are his proxy.

    what do? withdra all venmo fund incase it get frozen. talk to venmo support all about after u withdraw $

  11. i_love_the_usa1776 says:

    !sugar scam

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