@Special_Side is a scammer. I made a 4 different types of logos for this client. Spent hours making changes for them. They refused to pay and threatened to report me and defame me.

I saw a post on some hiring subreddit and this person wanted a logo for their business “Lawntusk”.
I messaged them 2 months ago. I don’t get a reply. And then suddenly 3 days back, I got their reply saying if I can create a logo for them. I agreed and asked for their instructions.

At first I sent them a screenshot from google images, to ask if they want a “side facing” mammoth or a “front facing” one. I sent this: [https://imgur.com/a/E8toVYK](https://imgur.com/a/E8toVYK)

They said front facing. So my partner created 3 concepts. 2 of which are these: [https://imgur.com/a/JYVdbvQ](https://imgur.com/a/JYVdbvQ)

The client liked these but then demanded that I just do some color changes in [https://imgur.com/a/E8toVYK](https://imgur.com/a/E8toVYK) the right side one and send this as a final logo. I was surprised and tried to convince them that this is just for reference and not what I want to deliver. As these were just templates. But they were adamant. So my partner vector traced this stock image and sent these 3 concepts: [https://imgur.com/a/K7YBWwK](https://imgur.com/a/K7YBWwK)
They loved one of these and said they would make the payment. BUT then I waited for them to reply back for an hour, and it was already 3 am, so I fell asleep. Next day, they ghosted me for 24 hours. I asked assertively why they are taking me for granted.. then they said it was just google image and I scammed them. To which I said I already told you it is for reference only and I didn’t intend to cheat or anything. I also offered to create a new concept AGAIN, but they said no and then I lost my patience and got angry. But no use, they threatened to report me lol.

So all the freelancers out there, I am warning you, this person doesn’t know what they want, and when it comes to paying, they will make excuses and send you on a guilt trip and WILL NOT MAKE THE PAYMENT. BEWARE!

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  1. Just fall back on your signed work agreement and keep their deposit.

    You did have them sign a work agreement and place a deposit, right? If not, well, this is the cost of doing business without a signed agreement and a deposit.

  2. cannibalisticmidgets says:

    I’d moonwalk away from these logos too without a deposit.

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