Spectrum scam

Got a call from 1-877 number, very unpleasant-sounding woman saying she’s from Spectrum and I owe $120 because I didn’t return my modem, even though I did a few months ago. I got pissed off, said I did through UPS. I don’t like giving out my credit card info on the phone, so I said alright and hang up. Of course I can’t get in touch with a UPS agent at all, so I call Spectrum directly just to confirm that this is real. Spectrum agent tells me my modem was received and I don’t owe any money.

FYI the scammer had no accent. Please be aware people. Always double check the number you are calling is a legitimate number. Watch out for these scumbags.

The content was posted by Outside_Date_3073 on 2021-11-08 05:10:35 via reddit

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  1. Just remember a caller can put whatever number they want in caller ID, so just because it says it’s from some number, doesn’t mean it is.

  2. PleasantAmphibian101 says:

    Nice one, you definitely did the right thing in this case, and it saved you both time and money

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