Spoofed SMS?

How do scammers spoof their numbers via SMS? Is it through a company, or a service? Or do they just gain access to the device that actually has the phone number? Is there a way to trace what their actual phone number is to report it to the police?

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  1. Spoofing a caller ID number (for a voice call or a text message) is as trivial as writing a fake return address on an envelope that you send in the USPS mail. There is no way to trace the call to the party that actually made it, and no point in reporting it to the police.

  2. amyaurora says:

    I think most of the spoofing is done by computer software now. Some of that might be a paid service. That doesn’t mean its traceable however.

    There is equipment/software that can uncover the real info but that wouldn’t be available to the layman. Tech is always improving so once something becomes widespread that can take down scammers, it becomes obsolete.

  3. botdetector_ca says:

    No, Indian police are useless.

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