I know staffmark is a legit company but is it unusual for a company to ask for all your personal information like ssn driver license and bank information before getting hired?!

The content was posted by Salt_Farmer_8582 on 2021-11-12 12:06:18 via reddit

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  1. joeyGibson says:

    Does “before getting hired” mean “before your first day, but after agreeing on a position and salary with a signed letter/contract”, or “before we will even consider hiring you”? If it’s the former, that’s leaning on the side of OK, since they do need that stuff for I9, W2, etc. If it’s the latter, then I would not consider working for them.

  2. rigiboto01 says:

    It’s a scam. Your instincts were right. Why would they need all that when you don’t work for them.

  3. Salt_Farmer_8582 says:

    Yeah the latter. Thats why im worried and wonder if i should contact my bank?? Who would I contact ? They asked abd i gave all my information before being hired. I haven’t even gotten the official job interview yet. But staffmark is like a job agency 9r something. They look for jobs for you within their company. Everything just seems fishy to me

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