Steam Purchase Scam

idk if this one has been seen before, or if it even counts as a scam… but its happened twice to me (both from different accounts) within the span of 1 and a bit months so I’m assuming it does, and presumably has slight variations in its execution… Basically someone makes a rough version of your steam account, and then sends you a link to it, claiming to have made a big purchase from it and says that they’ve either reported or will report your main steam account.
They then send you the discord tag of someone who is apparently a ‘valve engineer’ to fix the ban. Idk what happens next because it was so obviously a scam and idk why valve would make you go off-server to contact someone and not use their built-in messaging system.

It seems that if you suspect it of being a scam, they immediately back down and presumably block you. Both times it happened to me, the account was ‘new to discord’, presumably to prevent any harm on their actual account

The content was posted by CutestMorning on 2021-11-11 19:17:50 via reddit

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  1. CutestMorning says:

    extra note: Because this presumed scam requires use of your steam account being linked and visible on your discord, you should be safe if you just don’t show it.

  2. Aunty_Fascist says:

    !steam scam, very common

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