Stupid question about check scams

So I’m selling my couch on Craigslist and immediately get two responses with the exact same copy paste text about who they’re too busy to look at the couch but they’ll send me a check and have movers pick it up. I figure this is a fake check scam where the check is going to bounce but they’ll ask me to send them some money.
Here’s the deal though, I’m moving out of state soon and just trying to liquidate all my furniture. If this stuff doesnt sell on CG I’m hauling it to Habitat for Humanity.
Is the scammer actually going to pick up the furniture? Because if I can get it moved out of my apartment and just rip up the check I’ll be happy even if I had to give it away for free.

The content was posted by Pershing48 on 2021-11-19 12:05:05 via reddit

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  1. No, the scammer has no interest in the couch and the moving company is entirely fictional. As the other user said the scammer is probably located thousands of miles away.

    The item itself doesn’t matter at all to how the scam operates – you could literally try selling a bag of dog poop for a hundred dollars and I guarantee you’d receive messages from eager buyers. It’s all just a pretense for you send money to their “movers”.

  2. astro_scientician says:

    An actual human coming to get the couch is highly unlikely. I’d just drop all your prices to beer-money levels

  3. joeyGibson says:

    No, they will not pick up the furniture. You are correct about the !fakecheck. They will tell you to deposit the check, and then forward some amount of that money to “the movers”. There are no movers. It’s just sending real money to the scammers, and leaving you with the fake money. Nobody is coming to get your couch.

  4. Nobody will ever come for the couch. They are located in Africa. When you “pay the movers”, you are sending money to the original scammer. There is no mover. They are not interested in your old couch, they are literally 4,000 miles away. They just want your money.

  5. Some-Astronaut-6907 says:

    Have some fun! Let them know they can send a check for the couch only, pay the mover themselves, just so we can see their rationalization for why YOU have to pay the mover.

  6. 97Edgewood says:

    The unbelievable thing about scammers contacting anyone about buying large furniture items is they are supposedly willing to pay an absurd amount to ship a secondhand piece of furniture that has little real value. They can easily find cheap secondhand furniture in their own location, so why pay hundreds of dollars to have YOUR very ordinary sofa shipped to them?

    As you note, you were just trying to get rid of an item and hoped someone would come by, give you a little cash, and take the item off your hands. This is the case for lots of people who offer secondhand furniture on CL and similar sites. That someone is willing to pay to ship it should itself start alarm bells clanging.

    Yes, offer if for free or see if any local charities like HfH will take it. You’ll eliminate the stress of dealing with all the bots who answer your ad.

  7. Cardinal_Richie says:

    I doubt there’ll be a real paper cheque for you to rip up. And I doubt even more that anyone will turn up for your couch since they’re likely on another continent.

    Why not respond, wait for the fake cheque to arrive. Then tell them that you want to help people out and they can have the couch for free if they collect. Then post their response (if any) here!

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