Sudden flood of calls from spoofed phone numbers

Every couple of weeks, for about a day, I will receive multiple calls from a number with the same area code and prefix and a variation on the last four digits. I’m talking like 30 calls a day and then it will stop. Any idea what this could be? Do scammers just try really hard for a day and then move on?

The content was posted by unholyguacamoly on 2021-10-05 16:51:19 via reddit

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  1. Yes, it is, and whatever the reason may it be, it is always best to report, block and ignore it.

  2. Noone-of-consequence says:

    I’ve gotten a handful of calls following that pattern of Area Code + Prefix with four random digits. I think it’s just because people are more likely to pick up when they do that. I almost did. I assume that’s the game.

  3. ochisiepa says:

    Always report, block,ignore and repeat. You can’t go wrong with this

  4. Goflyakitescammers says:

    Yes they do. Usually it’s a robo dialer doing it. No answer, the number is returned to the queue to be dialed again. If there aren’t a lot of numbers set to be dialed, then an unanswered number comes up again quickly

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