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Hi! I already posted this elsewhere, but I’m looking for as much advice as possible !!

I was trying to rebook a flight with CheapOAir over the phone (apparently rebookings have to be done over the phone) and everything was going fine up until I was asked for my credit card info (front, back, and expiration date). I felt really unsafe doing this so I didn’t end up rebooking, cos supposedly there was no other way to process the transaction for the remaining amount to pay. The FAQ’s didn’t show any questions pertaining to my particular situation, so now I’m here wondering if anyone has had concerns about this and if it was a safe or risky experience? Any advice? I’m worried that it’s a scam…

Any help is appreciated!

The content was posted by c_herrysoda on 2021-10-07 17:58:44 via reddit

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  1. dabbindaddy11513 says:

    You give your credit card to a computer that connects to the internet and can be leaked at any time. The person 9 out of 10 wasn’t trying to scam you. They didn’t ask for your social haha

  2. PleasantAmphibian101 says:

    Website link? Let’s check when the site was created. They also might have reviews on BBB.

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