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So this post is about I bought a hoodie online because of an Instagram ad, and that store doesn’t even have Instagram. I decided to bought the hoodie because of price drop from $80 to $9. When I ask them last tuesday (june 8th) that how can i track order, they’re not responding. I started to find it suspicious when i check contact information, terms and condition, etc .One thing is the sale time still continuing. My email said their mail is considered spam. And I used my dad’s credit card so he knew what have I bought. If anyone can tell the website is a scam, please let me know and help me how to get back money from scammers. Thank you.

My total fee is $17.85 (including shipping)

The content was posted by hiitsugi on 2021-06-13 03:34:41 via reddit

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  1. >an Instagram ad

    Don’t buy from internet ads, especially social media ads. Anyone can buy ad space and the platform has no responsibility or desire to check into whether a site is legitimate or not–they just want that ad revenue. The vast majority of social media ads are either completely fake links to scam sites or the “business” will drop ship you some shoddy merchandise from AliExpress that isn’t worth the money you paid for it.

    You can’t get the money back from the scammers. Your father can call his credit card issuer and ask for a chargeback but other than that, the time to prevent loss of money to a scammer is before you pay them.

  2. You didn’t provide a URL but most social media ads are either scams or drop shippers selling overpriced crap.

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