terrifying — deepfake instagram scam

hi — i just caught word that one of my friend’s accounts was hacked on instagram. it is literally a video of her talking. it looks and sounds exactly like her. but here’s the kicker: she never recorded that video. it has to be a deepfake? i guess? the next slides tell the viewer to follow another account that’s giving away 10k if you invest 1k (or something like that).

my friend already has money that’s randomly been taken out of her account. apparently she opened a weird DM. this is so fucked up. has anyone heard of this?

edit: apparently she only opened the DM to read it. never even clicked on a link

The content was posted by littlespark__ on 2021-11-08 22:18:57 via reddit

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  1. SalaciousNumb says:

    Unless your friend has a serious following it is pretty unlikely that someone made an amazing deepfake of her. Also it is not possible to take money out of someone’s account because they read a DM. Your friend is not telling you anything like the full story.

  2. teratical says:

    We’ve had several threads of this scenario posted recently. The takeaway of them seems to be that the “friends” were actually roped into the scam and enticed/forced/blackmailed to participate by creating videos, not that there was a genuine deepfake.

  3. Aunty_Fascist says:

    >if you want to see and report the video, just send me a message.

    That violates rule 5 of this sub: no personal army requests.

    Tell your friend to beware of !recovery scammers

  4. Dangerous-Ice-768 says:

    Holly crap. You can’t tell it’s faked???

  5. One of my friend’s IG was hacked and she got deepfaked. Was pretty alarming. Confirmed that she got hacked as well.

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