Textbook Scam?

So I’m in Canada and trying to sell old textbooks online and I’m contacted by a person who claims they work for **Saint Georges English Bookshop** a store in Berlin who buys textbooks and sells them back to students for profit. Everything’s going normal and then they ask for a favour. They say that they’re multiple students in my country that they’re buying books from and they ask me if I’m willing to accept a large cheque and then e-transfer the other sellers in exchange for more money. So I’m like this is a super weird and shady and I’m asking questions like why they’re having trouble paying, why can’t they PayPal or e-transfer, and I’m getting unsatisfactory answers. I then ask to Facetime/video chat with them so I can confirm they’re a real person and they avoid it like I can’t do that cause is this a business account and just insisting they are a legitimate business. Then I get an email with pdf scans of a cheque (I don’t know if it’s real) with my name on it for a very large amount of money. The company on the cheque is a Canadian business Signature sur le Saint-Laurent Construction S.E.N.C. so I ask them why is it a Canadian cheque and why doesn’t it match with the store name and they say is is a boss merger firm in Canada whatever that means. So ok, I ask them if they have an account in Canada why couldn’t they just pay the sellers directly why go though me, and they’re like oh we can’t cause it’s a firm account and it just has to be that way. So it’s super fishy so I’m like no thanks I don’t want to be a middle man and they’re like ok just delete the email I sent you that again has a picture of a cheque (which may or may not be real) for a large amount of money. It’s so weird cause it seems too good to be true, but also I can’t figure out what the scam is. Like if that was a real cheque what do they have to gain by giving me money and asking me to give it to other people? The bookstore seems to be a legitimate store in Berline with good Google reviews. Has anyone else been through this? I can’t seem to find anyone who has experience with this store.

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  1. > and they ask me if I’m willing to accept a large cheque and then e-transfer the other sellers in exchange for more money

    !fakecheque scam.

  2. >I ask them why is it a Canadian cheque

    Well, everything else aside it’s a Canadian cheque because we haven’t been using cheques in Germany for 30+ years (although the scammers are not in Germany at all, and they are definitely not associated with that bookshop).

    The scammers probably googled “english bookshop germany” because that is reeeeally far away, and every oddity could be blamed on them being in a foreign country. That shop shows up right at the top on Google.

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