Texts About Buying My House

I have been getting texts since 2019 from a multitude of numbers about wanting to buy “my house”. They have given me the address of the house they are wanting to buy and it is always the same house, so I think my number is linked to the house in some way. The texts and calls that I get sent seem to be kind of like a scam for buying houses, but I am not actually sure if it is actually a scam. I was not sure where would be the best to post this to so I decided I would start here since it seems like it could just be a scam. Has anyone ever had a similar experience like this and could help me, or does anyone know a better subreddit I could go to to ask for help?

The content was posted by AFuturisticFish on 2021-11-10 19:03:58 via reddit

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  1. I used to get them a lot. After a while I just started messing with them, demanding huge amounts of money for the house and accusing them of giving “Larry” a much better price.
    I don’t actually know any Larry’s, but I’d like to thank all of them for helping me torment house scammers.

  2. wcspegasus says:

    I’ve gotten these a couple times. My understanding is it’s either a scam or someone hoping to severely underpay. I’ve never really investigated much as the result is the same either way. Even if it is your house their asking about (mine never are), the best rule of thumb is to block and ignore. No point in letting them know the number is active as you’ll just get more spam/scam texts.

  3. Cardinal_Richie says:

    Not sure if it’s just a UK thing, but my FB feed is awash with a variety of companies trying to buy properties quickly + for cash. AFAIK, they’re legit, but they’re preying on people who have fallen on hard times. I mean, who else would sell their house to make a quick buck?

  4. I get emails, texts, voice-mail messages, as well as enveloped letters and postcards in the mail from people claiming to want to buy “my houses” they think belong to me.

  5. ablueeyedkindofwhite says:

    Most likely they are real estate investors. I used to work for one. They go through public records looking for a variety of things, usually someone who is elderly, recently deceased and now has an estate, distressed properties, properties about to go to foreclosure, etc. Phone calls and mailers used to be common but now they are texting more and more. It’s possible your number used to be connected to this property and they’re just calling the wrong number. It’s ok to ignore and block.

    Also, it’s not really a scam per se, but they are bottom feeders looking to take advantage of people who are in bad situations and try to get properties for the cheapest money possible. It’s not always bad, sometimes they do help out folks. The company I worked for would also lend money for houses to people who couldn’t get traditional lending, but at much higher interest rates and fees. It didn’t feel good to work there.

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