Thanks to scammers, I can’t even trust legit tech support anymore

Yesterday something made me chuckle. I looked up the Microsoft chat support to get help activating an Office 365 license. The agent was helpful and waited to confirm that I was able to download what I needed. When I didn’t respond quickly, they asked me if it was fine to remote into my PC to check on the status and make sure my issue is resolved.

That’s when I immediately closed the chat window and started to question myself. I thought maybe I clicked on a fake Microsoft support link. I tried to back track to see what I clicked, but everything seemed fine, and I even had a confirmation from Microsoft for the ticket. I was pretty sure I didn’t give any sensitive info, but I changed my password anyway.

Today I got an email following up to the ticket and the agent said the chat was terminated and they wanted to make sure I resolved it. I couldn’t help but laugh. Scammers are such a normal part of everyday life that you become suspicious of everyone, including legitimate people.

The content was posted by Punanistan on 2021-11-18 07:41:47 via reddit

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  1. Aunty_Fascist says:

    Better to be suspicious and overreact than too trusting and underreact.

  2. inflatablechipmunk says:

    What’s worse is that legit companies hire the same people now. Chatting with Google support has made me feel the same way, with all their “kindly”s, fake emotions, and broken english.

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