Thanks to this sub, I was able to recognize this for what it was BEFORE “investing” any money, but after 2 days of thinking she was a real person… This is the “pig-butchering” scam (aka “Sha zhu pan”). It’s a long-term, highly involved and realistic scam. Details in the comments.

Thanks to this sub, I was able to recognize this for what it was BEFORE “investing” any money, but after 2 days of thinking she was a real person… This is the “pig-butchering” scam (aka “Sha zhu pan”). It’s a long-term, highly involved and realistic scam. Details in the comments.

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  1. diverareyouok says:

    I came across this sub when I searched for “sod global Reddit”. During the conversations over the last few days with this camera, a few flags were raised, and I decided to do my due diligence. I’m glad I did, because apparently a lot of people have been fleeced out of money via this method. Originally I posted the stuff below to an existing thread, but someone recommended I create a new one, so it might reach people before they are victims.

    I’ve been talking to this “woman“ I matched with on Hinge. I have a pretty good nose for scams, and while this one gave me a whiff of something unusual, it didn’t actually *feel* like a scam. I’m also an attorney, so I assume when they saw that, they thought that they had a high value target.

    She talked about how she was successfully trading bitcoin, and I should follow her trades. She then referred me to MT5 and walked me through creating an account on SOD global, but stopped when “she” recommended that I send a bank wire to my Coinbase account, then use that to fund my SOD account. I never thought to check the domain WHOIS for SOD until now (sure enough, it was created 2 months ago). Now that I am actually writing this out, it seems glaringly obvious that isn’t legit… but when you’re in the middle of it, it seems pretty reasonable. I can honestly see how someone might believe it’s the real deal. Hell, even now, there’s still a little voice in my head saying “well, it’s possible this really is legit, because “she” seems **so real**. Although I know she isn’t.

    Background on her. Standard spiel about living in the USA for the last three years, her uncle does financial stuff and gets his market information from a bunch of Jewish people (?? Lol). She supposedly owns two apartments and one house in China that she rents out, and lives in a city nearby, but is currently out of the state in California on business for the next two weeks… She can write very well, but claims that her English listening skills are subpar. Lots of photos, especially food photos, and none of those images comes up when reverse image searching on

    Man, I don’t know how I ever thought this was real. Thank God I am a pretty cautious person, and I would never send money anywhere on the recommendation of someone I don’t know in real life, but I can totally see how other people might not be as trepidatious. So far, the only action I have taken is creating an account on the SOD website, which involved sending a copy of my drivers license… But I haven’t given any sensitive information, so I think I should be fine. The thing that really threw a red flag up was last night, when she said that her “uncle“ and his “Jewish accounting team“ could somehow tell what crypto was going to do in advance. When I pushed her on how this was possible, I got this back:

    > My uncle gave me the information and MY own analysis and calculation, which is a complicated process, need to collect data in advance, analyze data, plan data, and also need to analyze and calculate

    > You don’t need to learn that much yet, and it’s not good for you if you learn too much at the beginning, you just need to follow my trade at the beginning

    I’m a little curious to see how this plays out, now that I know the truth. I’m thinking I might somehow decide to start “following her trades”, only using my own broker. Make it look like I am investing 10,000 bucks at a time, but say I don’t feel comfortable using a website created in the last month or two… Or maybe I should just block her now. I almost want to just fuck around with “her” at this point and see how frustrated I can make her by teasing her with the idea of me being a huge investor, but never actually committing.

    **Edit: I decided to [screw with “her”]( a little bit before letting the scammer know that I was aware of the scam. I tried to get them to send *me* $1000, lol.**

  2. Great, now we have to refer to the scam in Chinese.

  3. I absolutely loathe this scam (even more than most).

  4. This is so nice to see! Makes all the warning posts to warn others worthwhile. So awesome you were able to recognize this scam and being able to have some fun with them at their expense. 🥂👏🏼💪🏼

  5. JaneOfAll-Trades says:

    Pretty crazy the time these scammers put in to manipulate a victim. Good to hear you didn’t fall for it! Please keep us posted!

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