The best deal on a toolbox I ever got was this three drawer filing cabinet from …

The best deal on a toolbox I ever got was this three drawer filing cabinet from my local Habitat for Humanity restore for $39.99.

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  1. morphinebysandman says:

    I kept all of the hanging files that were still in the cabinet when I purchased it. I used them to organize all of my sheets of sandpaper I use for my woodworking hobby. The second drawer I keep all my power tools that I don’t have boxes for, and the lowest cabinet I keep all my boxed up small jigs for woodworking. It’s a fantastic way to keep all my things organized and man was it cheap compared to the name brand toolboxes.

  2. LoftyPurple says:

    As someone who has repaired a lot of these cabinets in the past do yourself a favor and put some thin plywood or hardboard in the bottom of the drawers. If you put a lot of weight in the drawers they can rack slightly and jam and many have some holes and slots in the bottom for file hardware and if a tool pokes through it will jam the entire cabinet.

    Other than the drawers jamming on items and not letting you open any of the drawers these things are built like a tank.

  3. SPACECAT223 says:

    I love Habitat for humanity. This is a great find.

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  5. LorianneCyanide says:

    That’s smart.

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