The CEO himself chose me as the lucky winner!

The CEO himself chose me as the lucky winner!

The content was posted by WarriorsMustang17 on 2021-10-07 11:51:27 via reddit

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  1. Maklarr4000 says:

    In their defense, this is probably how Mr. Z actually communicates with people.

    “Greetings, I am the Facebook CEO.” *hands you a card with his wikipedia bio on it*

  2. It’s more funny because it says Zuck is 29, and he was born in 84. They’re using a screen grab…from 2013. Lmao

  3. TopperMadeline says:

    Seems legit. I don’t know why OP didn’t take this amazing opportunity.

  4. alireza_shmo says:

    OMG scammers are getting more stupid these days 🤦

  5. Anyway, the real Mark zuckerberg don’t need to ask, he already know.

  6. spanishpeanut says:

    Not a chance in Hell. How old is that image?! I was born in 1982. I’m two years older than Zuckerberg. Like HELL he’s 29. He’s 37!

  7. orangeslushieplushie says:

    what does the Arabic text mean? 😮

  8. Even if it was truly Mark Zuckerberg who messaged me, I would block him so fast like ‘go do 1%er stuff and leave me alone’.

  9. Saibot_son_of_Noob says:

    Jim Halpert finally made it to the top!

  10. TheRealMisterMemer says:

    Can you send me the last picture?

  11. TuesdaySFD says:

    Is Jewish atheism a thing?

  12. Jacktrades352 says:

    Should have added more question marks

  13. NutWrench says:

    I can’t believe Mark Zuckerberg texted you personally! That’s awesome! 😉

  14. Dang I automatically looked for the laugh response when I saw it then realized that’s only on Facebook. Duh

  15. UNPOISONIVY says:

    The tellytubby response killed me lmao 😹

  16. JudCasper says:

    Best end message to a scam ever! Nothing beats a simple “Fuck off”

  17. bigschmitt says:

    What does the last message translate to? I love how even when called out he just sticks to his shit script

  18. DafniDsnds says:

    29? born in 84? how old is this screenshot?!

  19. BringTheFingerBack says:

    Should have read “I’m CEO, bitch!”

  20. MethodBible says:

    Dude u just made the biggest mistake of your life.
    Jeff basil literally texted u bruh😒

    U could have asked him for a mil or something😒😒

  21. CovfefeBean says:

    What does that Indian stuff say at the end?

  22. photoartist_2 says:

    🙄🙄🙄 please tell me you’re smarter than this.. lmao.

  23. I don’t think it’s a good idea for us to say “try harder” because maybe they will soon enough. I wouldn’t engage with them, just block.

  24. Lopsided-Committee80 says:

    I know a lot of Americans are stupid, but does this scammer really think we’re all THAT stupid?!

  25. BigPurpleDuck says:

    He’s a Jewish atheist? So he believes in the one God but also no God

  26. What if it was him and Mark was just lonely and everytime he tries to contact some of his Facebook family 👪 people just go crazy 😪

  27. hardyflashier says:

    That is one hell of a cured image

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