The new “Baptist Church Scam” came my way yesterday

The new “Baptist Church Scam” came my way yesterday

The content was posted by kempff on 2021-11-11 17:27:11 via reddit

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  1. That FRM:SUBJ: literally resembles the scam going around these days. Definitely avoid.

  2. Nonexistent “Pastor Tom” from nonexistent “RS Baptist Church” offering me a whopping $2000 in exchange for personal information.

    I had half a mind to tell them to mail a cashier’s check for the amount via USPS to a neutral address but I’m sure they’d come up with some sort of excuse why they can’t do that. Oh and probably I’d need to pay a fee or give them my bank account information before they can release funds.

    Anyone else “blessed” enough to get this fresh new scam?

    More info:

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