These types of sandwiches are my favorite types to order from restaurants. They …

These types of sandwiches are my favorite types to order from restaurants. They always cost upwards of $9. I was able to make this for under $3…frugal ish.

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  1. SleepyCoffee90 says:

    Ingredients and cost:

    Onion Roll $0.50 (discounted bag of rolls 6 for $3.)
    Tomato : I’m guesstimated I used $0.30 worth of tomato.
    Spinach: $.03 maybe? I used four leaves.
    Mozzarella: $1.00 ($3.50, used about a quarter)
    Total: $1.83

    I guess if you want to add the $0.17 it took to cook it….$2.00. Totally worth it!

  2. Free_Dot_3197 says:

    looks a-mazing. That’s the kind of sandwich I like, too. Just needs a little balsamic glaze (my own personal obsession, lol) and I’d be in heaven

  3. luciferforyou says:

    If you were using basil instead of spinach, this is a caprese sandwich. I suggest using the basil – I think you’ll like it a lot more.

  4. Klau5_Dieter says:

    Frugal bread tip: Jimmy John’s sells day-old bread for $0.45 (16 inch)

  5. Frugal…ish? You mean Delish…ious!

  6. Why the “ish”? Frugal does not mean miserly, frugal means making your expenditures count. You’re saving at least 66% and eating food you thoroughly enjoy. That’s frugal, full stop.

  7. KarlJay001 says:

    It’s amazing how much you can save over time by doing things like this.

    I noticed you didn’t use any meat, that’s fine, but it’s one of the more expensive parts of a sandwich.

    One thing that ticks me off is that when you buy one, they put the least amount of stuff on there. I asked for extra olives on one of my favs and the guy puts like 2 slices on. Some are so cheap on the meat that it’s a joke.

    I can build the same thing at home and get 2X the stuff and still be cheaper.

    One of the downsides to some things is that you buy a whole tomato and end up tossing maybe 1/3 of it sometimes. Depends on usage.

  8. UptownHomie says:

    Bahn mi sandwiches are almost always pretty cheap, at least here in Kansas. Usually around 8-10inches for 2.50 to 4 bucks. And they’re delicious.

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  10. rinyamaokaofficial says:

    Yum, that looks good! Congrats

  11. Deadgirlforever says:

    Oh does this look lovely. I think I see one in my near future!

  12. killl_joy says:

    Money saved is money earned bro-cha-cho credit Thomas Franklin, of the founding fish.

  13. fjccommish says:

    Always better to make it yourself rather than to purchase the same thing overpriced at a restaurant.

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