I’m wondering if is a scam because having insane deals on high demand items that are rarely in stock is setting off alarms

The content was posted by brickplain_alt on 2021-10-04 16:44:17 via reddit

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  1. amyaurora says:

    They say they have been up since 2020 but the site was registered in September 2021.

    Google shows pages that don’t exist anymore (or maybe they never really existed as sale pages, were just for google indexing spiders.)

    No social media presence.

    While it isn’t as full of red flags like the scam sites normally seen here, I suggest avoiding. There is nothing found to back up if its legit.

  2. Zealousideal_Set1164 says:


  3. Wish we could find out where and who sent the “it’s legit” post so we can identify the scammer.

  4. I randomly search for cards on google every now and then and it popped up for me today too. 27th sept is when it was established apparently. I think the prices are more likely used cards… Esp considering nothing on the site shows new or used. Just shows cards for sale. If anything its likely that its from mining.

    Im trying to find out if its a scam and thank goodness someone already made a thread here.

  5. RevolutionaryAd7360 says:

    definitely a scam. I’m working to get my refund now.

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