They had the last 4 of my SSN

I got a voicemail to call because I had an account going into collection. I pay ahead so this was off. When I called the lady said someone took out a payday loan in 2020 in my name, she gave me my banks name, last 4 of my SSN and works name . Is there anything I should do it be worried about?

The content was posted by liquidxero199 on 2021-10-07 23:10:59 via reddit

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  1. Check your credit report. It should show on there if a loan was taken out.

  2. kitty9020 says:

    Check your credit score to verify that info. Your score will have what lines of credit you have open/closed. If something is open that you don’t recognize, you can report it.

  3. Usually you would use the last 4 for verification when calling customer service or requesting to change a forgotten password. Yes they could use the last 4 to get into accounts you already have but not opening new account

  4. Here’s why you should be concerned if the last four digits of your social are out there.

    Many companies will use the last four digits of your social as a password reset option so you should think if you have any bank loans or checking accounts or investment accounts or any place you really have a lot of money, and contact them and request that they not use your last four digits of your social.

    They’ll give you an account pin or something similar, maybe an authenticator app and then you won’t need to worry about it.

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