Things online, but want to take it at the ‘store’, but seller said only after 11pm after the shop close. Why at night and not at day?

I’m interested something online but I wanted it immediately instead of waiting for it post. Besides the ‘store’ is not that far from me. Suspicious arise when the seller said that he can only do at night 11pm after the shop close.

I think that he want to make it night near to sleep hours because: if I find that I’m not interested with the item, and ask for changes, it would be too late, and he would ask me to come back tomorrow, which is another burden for me. If the things is being done at the day, he would definitely need to make changes on the spot. What do you think of my assumption. Or do you think he has another reason to make it at night after his store close?

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  1. If the item is sold in the store : you are buying stolen property.

    If the item is not sold in the store : he may just not want to have you know where he lives.

  2. There’s something untoward with that whole arrangement.

    Either you’re going to get held up and robbed, there’s something illegal about what you’re wanting to buy (stolen, maybe) or it’s a fly by night scam.

    Recommend you go no further with the purchase and cease communication with the seller.

  3. Or he doesn’t actually work at the store and he’s going to show up there after they close to either A) Rob you, or B) Sell you stolen goods.

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