this has got to be a scam? I’ve never seen this before lol

this has got to be a scam? I’ve never seen this before lol

The content was posted by 4skinmikehunt on 2021-10-07 01:12:14 via reddit

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  1. icedteaandme says:

    It’s a common one. I see it a lot on r/scambait. It’s a bot because no matter what you say it continues with the exact same thing every time.

  2. ochisiepa says:

    Reply to every text with something really stupid and unrelated. You’ll be entertained. It’s a bot. It doesn’t realize. They’ll ask you for nudes. Then when you send any pictures even that of a tree. The real guy will take over thinking you’ve sent nudes so that the blackmail can start

  3. VoidGroceryStore says:

    It is and this exact convo is all over scam subs.

  4. ShaneWarrn-ambool says:

    They love sexy carrot talk.

  5. It’s a bot. I’m having fun with one right now. Her/it’s replies are the same every time. I just told her she was a dirty fucking whore for not sending me iTunes gift cards for a procedure I need so I won’t die of vaginal warts. Then she sent me a full nude. I’m trying to figure out what words trigger an angry response. Apparently, it’s not “dirty fucking whore.”

  6. Wasian007 says:

    The photo used is of u/jpegslut (NSFW)

  7. 4skinmikehunt says:

    Update I texted back saying: I’m alright good luck finding Richard.

    Them replying: cool to meet ya, what kinda things you do for fun?


  8. What’s up? Is this Richard?

    No,this is Patrick.

  9. mydoghasafluffybutt says:

    Someone posted this recently and they strung them along pretty well about carrot porn. It gave me a laugh.

  10. guarionex2009 says:

    Yea. Scam. That’s how i almost got scammed.

  11. thebigman707 says:

    This same scam was literally posted earlier today

  12. overtooken says:

    💀💀💀💀💀💀get real.

  13. Wait, am I just randomly talking with you? Do you want to be my sex buddy? Can I tell you about this great crypto investment opportunity?

  14. mindfulminnow says:

    Poor girl, still looking for Richard to this day.

  15. aQUantUMchiLD1 says:

    Wow this bot is all over this sub. Damn you all to hell!

  16. vedjourian says:

    I got the same one two days ago. I keep responding weirdly and it kept going. When she sent a nude I told IT that I was a minor and she just sent porn to an underage person and that I would be contacting Interpol. It stopped then.

  17. Mission-Bus3341 says:

    I got the EXACT same picture and a similar text yesterday

  18. DatthawsGhost says:

    Send them a picture of a large throbbing cock

  19. Just got that one today actually. Well very similar, but I just chose not to interact.

  20. I just sent it a pic of actual vaginal warts. I’m waiting with bated breath.

  21. WithoutDennisNedry says:

    I’ve seen a dozen of this exact one in the last week or so. It’s really popular right now.

  22. RubFar2733 says:

    You can tell from the grammar and English there using 🤣

  23. imheretocomment69 says:

    You’ve never seen it? I see you’re bit late to the party. But better late than never.

  24. Many-Win-9128 says:

    You can pretty much say anything and they will reply with some random crap. Pretty funny actually. I was saying a bunch of random stuff and made the bot wet. Haha.

  25. sufferin_succotashhh says:

    You should offer a million dollars for her nudes

  26. Alecto53558 says:

    Have you ever read anything in this sub?

  27. How have you never seen this? I’m a woman over forty and have gotten some variation of this exact scam at least three times.

  28. hardyflashier says:

    What is the scammer expecting? “Wow, you’re so gorgeous, let me give you all my money”

  29. toeknee81 says:

    I got this same message but “they” were a dude

  30. UnleashThaKraken says:

    I literally got this same photo and text word for word. Different number though. It’s a scam

  31. SmashinCetacean says:

    “No I haven’t seen Richard. However, he was delicious.”

  32. sufferin_succotashhh says:

    I got one of these the other day too. I played along because I was bored.

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