This is how I deal with Instagram forex scammers

This is how I deal with Instagram forex scammers

The content was posted by slobsaregross on 2021-10-08 15:08:42 via reddit

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  1. krampusrumpus says:

    Poor Coachman Jeffrey going from a quick 3 day trip to Georgia to a full fortnight by the conversations end.

  2. Why do I felt like a prince and you’ll be the princess? Nah just kidding. I almost felt like I’m watching a movie like Pride and Prejudice lol

  3. I was waiting for:

    “Let’s chat on WhatsApp.”

    “What app?”


    “That’s what I’m asking you. What app?”

  4. Lol, is grain even sold by the yard?! πŸ˜†

  5. Desperate_Fail1926 says:


  6. fishingforworth says:

    This is funny as fuck

  7. This is hilarious! πŸ˜‚

  8. TheIhstarIsReal says:

    This is gold

  9. Am i the only one who was hearing The Hoax Hotel’s voice while reading this? Hilarious.

  10. reddit_is_tarded says:

    i got the feeling he knew you were laughing at him but the greed couldn’t let him go in case you were just a rich idiot

  11. verplanck says:

    at first, I was worried your phone would die, but thankfully you plugged it in at the end.

    Give my warmest regards to Jeffrey.

  12. s0tcrates says:

    This had the potential to be cringey, but it ended up being so far from it. Very well done. “I will send my coachman, Jeffrey, tomorrow at dawn” I actually laughed audibly. 10/10

  13. critic101101 says:

    Ahh the classic butcher pig scam

  14. Blatantly-Biased says:

    Man’s having nightmares ever since about a visit from Jeffrey lol well played sir! Hitherfore thee be forever a man of the Lord and a keeper of lost time and the scammers of whom it belongs to

  15. teri_workshop says:

    It was like I just watched a Monty Python sketch :))

  16. atlas_nodded_off says:

    Beautiful. Massively beautiful.

  17. StryfeLover1000 says:

    Hath, Mister Slobs, the new fancy horse feed Sir Wellington HATH been using.

  18. mozzilaza says:

    This is my favourite so far. I imagine you with a pipe and monocle.

  19. Useful_Cheesecake673 says:

    I just laughed my way through reading all those screenshots. Thanks. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

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