This is new to me. “Chase” Account Alert

It’s a standard scam email “Click here so we can capture your info”

But I was entertained, because this is the bottom of the email:

Chase Alert from [](–xdzQNYpvkEVABoUGN2LtOdRdFMIxnGrS64mguJwNH4lRLSDmt9y7W0ixe9wrmQEjijGLBaK0lxbPTNM1i-yaGsoV0X2-JPTCCG6BvtUNqjWFpA6K01oqLM6EV4Sb7uISH1DUnqTtvHQC8ZFrq4wjb9md3X0rNWZ77d-odllp_-QMBaz3m)

5 south main street

New York 10010


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  1. jules2fly says:

    Omg hilarious! Idiot

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