“This is officer Sarah Schultz with the federal … department”

Received a call from unknown phone number stating I have a case with federal officers, and should drop my work to pay attention to this, I should press 1 to be connected to the concerned party. I did not press 1. Tell me why I’m not going to prison

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  1. Aunty_Fascist says:

    >Tell me why I’m not going to prison

    Because it’s a scam. Cops come and get you in person, they don’t call so you can flee before they get there.

  2. ElJefe543 says:

    Oh I get those all the time. I ALWAYS press one to be connected to the “concerned parties” just to waste their time. Last one was from the “Social Security Agency”. My response was, “Hi, this is Detective Scott……” I didn’t even get to the last name before they hung up.

    First of all, if it was real they would know that they work for the Social Security *Administration* not Agency. Second, if it was actually somebody from the Social Security Administration, they wouldn’t just hang up the second I said “Detective”. They would ask questions like “can I speak to (insert name here).

    I’ve done that a few times, I switched it up between Officer, Sergeant, and Detective. Every so often I’ll throw a Lieutenant in there. I just hope occasionally I’ve made somebody sweat a little.

  3. Because it’s a scam.

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