This is the entire scam process

This is the entire scam process

The content was posted by Swagdonkey123 on 2021-10-04 10:03:01 via reddit

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  1. TheDevilsAdvokaat says:

    Fun. I love to waste scammer’s time too but this guy really gets into it.

    If enough of us screw them around we’re going it make it a lot less profitable for them.

    Sadly, by now when I hear an Indian accent on the phone I automatically assume someone is trying to scam me. Sorry if that sounds racist.

  2. So you payed him 20 in bitcoin in the end?

  3. OkayJuice says:

    How are Russians untouchable?

  4. PicklesNBacon says:

    To think getting scammed like that could be avoided by not engaging with random people on social media that slide into your DMs

  5. Capt_Panic says:

    Why is this a series of photos and not a post?

  6. OMG. this is fucking glorious! Can’t wait for part 4

  7. Why are Russians “untouchable thanks to their government.”?

  8. I love that eliminating third world countries and Russia apparently leaves the scammer solely with the options of the US, UK, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. Because there aren’t any other non-russian non-third world countries apparently lol

  9. MaveDustaine says:

    Huh, I was recently targeted on Reddit chat with something VERY similar, except I thought they were phishing for secret question answers instead of it being a romance scam. Interesting…

  10. thepurplehedgehog says:

    Gah. Not gonna harp on, you’ve learned from it quickly but dude, you gotta watch that camera. and please for the love of goodness be careful if you’re using your real info to bait. In fact, please don’t use your real info to bait. I’m old school victim support side (trained baiter but I didn’t do much active baiting) and have seen and heard some horror stories including how a baiter ended up with two very angry scammers from the same country as him on his doorstep. And for the love of all that’s holy don’t get into cashbaiting. That’s just asking for trouble, either from scammers or LEO. OK, you sound like an experienced baiter so imma let you off, lecture over 😂

    Seriously tho, i love the way you’re going into this, the detail you’re giving and the things for others to watch out for. I love the fact that he starts off demanding 400 and ends up begging for 50. Perfect execution 🤣🤣🤣 I can’t wait for your next instalment.

    Actually, I said this elsewhere on Reddit but I’ll suggest it here too. Next one you get, tell him the thought of him sending your pics to everyone is a MASSIVE turn on for you. ‘Oh wow you’re gonna send my dick pics to my old high school teacher omg that is so fucking hot….’

    Or of course there’s the ‘wetin dey my guy’ trick. In fact, say that to the one you’ve got on the hook now. Then instantly go back to speaking as the terrified victim character. Guaranteed you’ll scare the living daylights out of him if he thinks you might be a fellow lad. Or if you wanna do insults it’s ‘u dey mugu oooooo’. Then go back to victim mode ‘omg please don’t show people, I’m off to western Union to send you money now’ etc. Cue fake MTCN – or several, if you’re feeling like it. It’s confusing as hell for them and absolutely hilarious to watch. It’s a great way to get Igbo/Yoruba curses too – if they’re west African, anyway.

    I’m looking forward to seeing where you take this next.

  11. thepurplehedgehog says:

    >so our scammer only talks to people from the USA, the U.K., Canada, Australia and New Zealand

    Gonna be ‘that girl’ for a minute but not the whole truth. I’ve seen victims from Egypt, South Africa, France, Belgium, the Philippines….. I mean, I get what they’re trying to say here but this really is a global problem in every sense, not just a ‘western English-speaking world’ problem.

  12. AnArChIsTGaMeR101 says:

    That was a bad idea to keep your webcam on by default. Why aren’t you covering it?

  13. Coolpool2002 says:

    Imma be real I was a fucking idiot a year ago and fell for one of these and they threatened to send pics of me to all my Facebook friends but I was hella “ballsy” and called his bluff he kept saying he was gonna do it and I was just provoking him and telling him to do it most of the time they don’t even bother it’s just fear

  14. aQUantUMchiLD1 says:

    Welcome to the ranks. I’m still trying to get all the info as to why google hangouts is a popular pattern I see among these low lives? Cause once he had you join the video call he/she was able to edit it, as none of the other apps allow this integration of multiple software?
    Now the only thing I was unclear about was you did reply to that video call or once he has your user name it’s automatic once he/she calls you? Thanks for helping the community putting time and effort into doing this, I’m sure people who’ve been affected by these “people” appreciate it.

  15. Make him explain everything, then scam him the 20$

  16. BeardFountain says:

    Why do they think Russians are untouchable?

  17. OzzieDJai says:

    I love chatting to scammers. I recently uploaded my conversation.
    Had them believing I killed a police officer and was on my way to mexico on my Yacht to buy drugs XD

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