This is why I don’t use Etsy without doing a lot of research on the item. Literally the same photos that Amazon used with quite the steep price jump. Not even creative enough to come up with something on their own. Always reverse image search. I cannot stress that enough.

This is why I don’t use Etsy without doing a lot of research on the item. Literally the same photos that Amazon used with quite the steep price jump. Not even creative enough to come up with something on their own. Always reverse image search. I cannot stress that enough.

The content was posted by WastelandGinger on 2021-10-03 02:35:14 via reddit

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  1. DapperRockerGeek says:

    As a former Etsy seller, even other sellers were complaining of scammers and people drop shipping onto the site. It affects people wanting to sell things they made.

  2. Over-Wish-2034 says:

    Good grief that’s quite the price hike

  3. Yeah my dad wanted me to buy something he’d seen, 650AUD on etsy + shipping and I decided to do some research and if I bought from the manufacturers site it was 425AUD with free shipping, I get people have to make a profit but goddamn 225 profit is a whole hell of a lot.

  4. Is anyone else going to comment on the font that OP used in their search bar? How is such a creative font possible?

  5. VivelaVendetta says:

    Ok but now I want that lamp.

  6. Yeah this is backwards. The $1,300 lamp is the original handmade item and the $23 Amazon lamps are the knockoffs that stole her photos from Etsy.

  7. lazycarrotcake says:

    My art was stolen from etsy by some Chinese site. Selling it, clearly without having the product. Fucking frustrating

  8. Hanbot67777 says:

    This is what the scammers want. They steal photos from the original creator and pass it off on their own.

    Now that they’ve gotten you hooked, then they know you won’t pay the $1,000 but you’ll buy it from them for $23. The product that you’re actually receiving is a knock off.

    I can understand this post if the prices were similar, but there must be a reason why this item on Etsy is priced at $1,000.

  9. likeallgoodriddles says:

    Etsy used to be for homemade stuff and homemade stuff only. Big shame what it’s turned into.

  10. The ones on Amazon are cheap Chinese rip-off’s my friend. This is a common bait and switch scam. The company selling the lamp for 1300$ actually rents those out for events and such.

  11. Lexifer31 says:

    Most of the shit.on Amazon and Etsy is actually from AliExpress. You can reverse image Search on the app and get it cheaper than Amazon.

  12. CatInTheAli says:

    Oh man this damn lamp 🤣

    I bought one (stupidly). Never even got to use it. It came smashed and broken. I bought it from an Instagram ad (again, stupid). The “store” I bought from was horrible. I emailed them about a refund for it because the damage was so bad, and I didn’t want to wait for another one. They offered me a $3 “refund”. I paid $40. They stopped responding to me when I wouldn’t back down, so I disputed it over PayPal and got my money back.

    It’s also TINY. And you can get it from Ali Express for like $10

    EDIT- I read further down and found out the truth of this lamp!! Now I want the LEGITIMATE one ! I book marked her Etsy so I can get one eventually.
    I’m so tired of drop shippers and knock off scams

  13. DiamondComodo says:

    The only crime here is your font

  14. TruckTires says:

    The real scam is the cheap one from Amazon is a fake. OP you should add an edit to your original post that clarifies this. As it stands, your original post still advocates buying the fake one from Amazon.

  15. PleasantAmphibian101 says:

    The Etsy description be like:

    Friend: can I copy your homework?

    sure but change the wording a bit

    the wording:

  16. oldfrenchwhore says:

    I came very close to buying my SO an Irish claddaugh (sp)-type wedding band on Etsy. I always sleep on a purchase, even a $30 one, so I slept on it and forgot about it.

    A month later, I was looking at rings on, considering a “wish haul” for my channel, and there it was. Exact same one. Same one the person on Etsy was claiming to hand-make. And it wasn’t like the wish one was a copy, as when I looked at the wish customer uploaded photos, the quality was an exact match. SMH.

    Etsy wasn’t supposed to be a drop-shippers marketplace. Shame.

  17. This is all over Ebay also. There’s tons of people posting Amazon items and marking them up

  18. Personal_Wallaby265 says:

    I used to shop on Amazon, but I got sick of receiving cheap knockoffs.

  19. Judgemental_Aardvark says:

    Why is your font AHS

  20. coffee_lover_777 says:

    Oh yes. Just recently was on Etsy (because I want to support unique artists) and came across a water bottle that was really cool. I really wanted it to encourage myself to drink more water during the day.

    []( Cost: $29.99

    Found the same exact one on Amazon for $14.99.

    It’s a water bottle………not custom art. I’ll buy it for half the price it is on Etsy.

  21. aaronmh99 says:

    You just saved me a bunch of cash

  22. VaseWithShitInIt says:

    I mean, surely nobody would spend that much for a lamp anyways

  23. matt79540 says:

    If you would even consider paying 1300 or more for that , then the scammer deserves your money honestly

  24. Level-Consideration3 says:

    Wtf. Did anyone buy it??

  25. stapleduck112 says:

    Yup! Had a friend who’s wife ran an Etsy/online business selling hair products accessories marketed to a certain group of people…seriously buy on Amazon and resell on Etsy/fb marketplace/other and make serious profits!

  26. dabarber74 says:

    Holy crap, 3 people actually bought it for that price and reviewed it as “great”.

  27. SallyKhunt says:

    Check out if you want to spend stupid money.

  28. AlSweigart says:

    That’s a ridiculous price hike. Could this be part of some money laundering/tax evasion scam? I make a “business expense” of buying a $1,300 lamp for my office from a friend, write it off my taxes, and in return the friend gives me a cash kickback to offset the cost but keeps a bit for themselves? I get the tax write off, they keep some money.

    Or maybe their price hike algorithm just got out of hand.

  29. ItsJustMeMaggie says:

    Great tip that everyone should know

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