This scamming site that apparently shut down. Need help with refund.

I ordered from a site called punkbone(dot)com on **25 July this year** for a whopping 60 dollars. It’s not arrived even still, the tracking site (17track(dot)net) *and bear with me I don’t even know if the tracking site is the most legit* it’s been telling me for 6 months in the order status this exact message:

> CNBJSA, Departure from outward OE

Apparently this is being handled from somewhere in china and this message is being displayed for the last couple months, all the same. Obviously it’s a scam. 6 month procedure? I emailed them last on 25 October threatening to refund, this was the well thought out reply:

> Our core value is INTEGRITY and we do HONEST business, your purchase is also protected by Paypal. The following is the fulfillment of other orders for your reference.

… attached images of them sending out products to other people. Amazingly they thought to not include their address, which I thought would probably go overlooked.

Can I hope to be able to refund? I paid with VISA and not PayPal. It’s an almost 6 month old payment. I’ll email them now to get some confirmation for a possible refund, if they’ll oblige which is a fair guess that they probably won’t.

Side note: on their facebook page people are all spamming them to be scammers. Really just a bad nail in the coffin if you ask me.

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  1. ApocalypticGhost435 says:

    Hey, I’ve recently dealt with 17track.

    I did get my package from Asia to NY.

    17track seems to be a popular multiple shipper tracking platform. You might be able to contact the carrier of the shipment, should be highlighted in blue under the country of origin in 17track.

    Hope this helps

  2. trferreira1026 says:

    What a horrible experience. Check this guys out they have a variety of products available and I had a really good experience, decent shipping times and product quality. hope you like them

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