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Hi all, I am posting here today to bring attention to a somewhat new scam that has recently picked up as of 2021 but has been around since 2020 as far as I know.

This is a well written scam with aspects of social engineering and possibly using a real person to conduct the said scam. The scam begins on Tinder, pretend you are someone who is using Tinder and is swiping right. I was doing that and I matched with someone who appeared to be a legitimate person. They had a Snapchat in their profile description.

I added this person to Snapchat and we began talking about interests and favorite foods, artists, etc.. By all indications this person seemed to be a legitimate person and spoke with very good English, they answered my questions with stunning accuracy that a bot wouldn’t be able to. Anywho, after some time probably two weeks. This person says they are an adult entertainer and do adult live cams. I say oh, that’s different but I mean at least you’re bringing in money in a difficult economy.

They said yeah and talked about how the pandemic had affected their work prospects and how Wal-Mart laid them off. They then proceeded to ask me if I would be interested in seeing how their adult live cams work. I immediately got suspicious and said sure. I clicked on a link and was immediately sent to a Wix website and then another website that was a generic payment page for some adult entertainment thing that was based in Cyprus and of course when I googled it, you can bet your ass that it had tons of Reddit posts about it. I immediately cut off communications with said person and started to investigate more about this website.

So far, it is quite common in a lot of Tinder scams with it going under background check websites and in addition adult entertainment sites.

It appears that these scammers are actual people who steal other peoples photos and usually spend a great deal of time constructing legitimate looking tik toks, Snapchats, Instagram’s, even Facebooks. I don’t know if they are employed by the website that is collecting credit card information or something like this.

But unfortunately it appears this is becoming more common and it seems like my Snapchat is getting adds from similar accounts. So, I guess the lesson is to be careful of everyone (even more so now) on Tinder and Bumble.

The content was posted by LukeTheCurious on 2021-11-17 02:43:38 via reddit

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  1. Agreeable-Vanilla-76 says:

    All of the freely given snap names on tinder are scams. Who wants a million horny people snapping them all day? Also a lot of people will pretend actually respond to you as a real person too.

    I’ve gotten used to tinder after a while and know how to use it much better. The trick is simply to be patient not be desperate and NEVER exchange more then 1 or 2 quick conversations compliments and jokes before asking for a light daytime date or daytime meetup (more comfortable and they can leave if they want) or straight up asking for sex works too if they are being flirty enough. Asking to video chat counts as a date if you set up another one.

    Eventually you will find someone that is actually trying to meet up with you. Everyone else is a waste of time. If you don’t try too hard and simply don’t let rejection get you down you will eventually get better person that way.

    I have no problem with sex workers of any kind, love them. However, much worse than what you had has happened to me before. Similar kind of situation, super beautiful, very conversational person texting you back a bunch and being very flirty on tinder but when you try to get there contact info they send you link to there OnlyFans page or instagram that has the onlyfans in the descriptions . It’s not really a scam but a self made Advertisment. Not all of them are doing this, i met only fans people on there that did actually want to meet up, but some are using it deceptively, pretending to like you for sure.

    that shit is more painful to me than the scammers.

    But yes, it can be very disappointing to realize that real people are flirting with you to try to scam you, but that has been around for 5 years now that i’ve used the app probably longer. (it’s really uncomfortable when it happens)

    Simple, the best way to use the app is just never deal with anyone that doesn’t want to meet up with you. Make the meetup safe public place and a short date or video chat if they aren’t comfortable. Ignore everyone else.

    It actually works out really well though met lots of cool people like this, even a dated a very hot famous person for about a year.

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