TLR TRANS EUROPE a legitimate payment service?

I am trying to buy a car online and the seller said he will use TLR TRANS EUROPE and I never heard of this service, are they legitimate? Anybody used them? They have also a website :

Thank you!

The content was posted by gerocooper on 2021-10-12 22:19:48 via reddit

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  1. Beznessbyday says:

    Yes it’s a scam judging by the website and it sounds similar to how !car scams operate. The staff on the website in ‘contact us’ don’t exist anywhere else, the English is poor when you look into it, the contact us page formatting looks strange and there is no record of the company at that address from googling.

    Edit: Thanks so much for the award! Glad to help. For future people looking at this, watch out for the false positive comments, or downvotes on the negative comments about the website. Looks like it is monitored by the scammers.

  2. ClydesdaleSlim says:

    That’s a scam shipping company. If you Google the “testimonials” they exist in other fake shipping companies too. This car doesn’t exist, so time to back out.

  3. Robert_LeBlanc01 says:

    Yes, I used them in 2019 to ship the car from UK to USA. Everything was fine. I recommend.

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