To all those who are using or interested in using Offerup, you need to read this(long read but very important)

Offerup is somewhat unique compared to other online selling services and for some reason draws in some of the most ugliest scams possible. Luckily these scams are very cookie cutter so once you catch on, you’re immune to them. Here are some of them:

1. Someone offering ANYTHING for free.

2. Someone selling something that is WAY too low to be considered sensible. Like a ps4 pro with 22 games, 2 controllers, and psvr for $200.

3. Someone that is trying to complete the transaction outside the app(extremely common).

4. New seller profile. Usually they have a nice profile picture and they have no reviews. Some may go the extra mile and ‘forge’ a review to get those cautious ones but always check on when the profile was made. Not a guaranteed but every scammer fits this

5. Same like posts. Once you’re deep into the app, you will notice that some posts have almost the same description, price tags, and titles. Usually they’re the ones that fall into the 2nd example. Avoid these. Scams for sure.

The third one is a surefire way to tell if it is a scam. They try to make you use cashapp or PayPal Family and Friends to buy the item. They may pull a excuse like ‘The seller fee to high’ or ‘I really need the money now’ to get you to do it but once you do that, the money is gone and there is absolutely *nothing* you can do about it. If you’re doubtful about it being a scam( or really hoping that the deal is real), try to make them do PayPal Business and offer to pay extra. Watch how fast they dash away. Also the third one is universal with all online stores.

Buyer protection is important and without that, the seller can just take the money and waltz away. Offerup is FULL of scams so I feel that I need to post this. If you’re looking for a safer store to buy from, Mercari is definitely one of them

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  1. possumrfrend says:

    I’ve sold things on OfferUp many times, but my one buying experience was really bad. Guy sold me a vacuum for $30, and I get home to find it’s broken. Luckily, my husband was able to fix it with the help of YouTube, but the seller was definitely being shady. He said it worked great. Not a scam per se, but still shows that people will take advantage of apps like that to screw you over in other ways as well.

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