“Today is my birthday and my mother died” scam

I was hanging out with my partner at some park in NYC when some guy approached us and started telling me about how his mother had died today and it was his birthday, I thought it was legit prolly because my ass was mad high. He sang “the last song i sang to my mother”, we were moved-ish but skeptical.

He asked for a hit of the blunt and kept talking about how his father had died too and a lot other family members too because of the violence and whatnot, he sat down with in our little picnic and started saying how he needed to go back to Jersey, he started asking for help on his trip and offered good old Joe’s pizza, he refused and reached for his sock, i thought he was going to get a knife and rob us so i was ready to swing, but he just got up and left, with a very fast pace. He didn’t take anything or rob us but we felt very threatened.

I’m vacationing in Puerto Rico now and some guy approached me while I was actually outside my building’s lobby talking to my dad on his actual birthday lol

Mad high, once again, I started listening to some guy ask me where i’m from and just general questions about my life (which i find intrusive) but when I heard him say it was his birthday and his mother and father had died and tried to come sit where i was and that’s when i got up and went back inside while he left… with a very fast pace…

At least I didn’t lose weed this time.

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  1. Mentaalikoira says:

    I’ve never heard of this before, although in-person scams aren’t luckily common where I live. Noticing a pattern is often the first big thing in noticing a scam, I’m glad you were able to recognize that.

    In a way it follows some of the usual scam practices, making you think emotionally instead of practically and targeting someone who is intoxicated/drunk. I’m glad you didn’t get any more trouble from them!

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