Travel agency looking suspicious, am I being scammed?


I applied for a a babysitting job on expat. com. the family is from UK and I’m from Lebanon.

I added my email to my application so the family contacted me through email. we spoke about the job she sent me pictures of her, her husband and the baby. she asked many questions about me. Everything looks legit till now.

I asked her the following question ” ***don’t you think that it will be complicated to hire me since in the UK you’d have to prove that you didn’t find local candidates in order to employ a foreigner?***”.

She said “no, I’ve had similar issues with the previous nanny but since I will be doing it through ***Zenith Travel Agency***. it will be easy since they are the best in their work.

She gave me Zenith’s email, I contacted them saying that Mrs ***** offered me a babysitting job (she told me to say that), and what are the steps that should be made. they replied asking for basic information about me, also a scan of the passport. “the fees are 1000 pounds”. I sent them the information and they replied :

“We contacted Mrs **** about your application and she will be coming to our office to sign the required documents, please send the fee so that we proceed with your paperwork”

I tried to find such agency on google in London but no such results.

I contacted Mrs ***** asking her to help me with the fees, she accepted to pay 600 pounds and I’ll pay 400 pounds. Today, I emailed her asking if she did sign the papers yet, and asked her to tell Zenith to confirm via email that the fees are now 400 pounds.

Surprise, less than 5 minutes later, Zenith emailed me saying [this](, what’s suspicious is how fast that was, also they have a grammar mistake.

Shouldn’t they send me at least pictures of some paper work being done? it’s my first time doing such thing so I don’t know.

This opportunity is life changing for me, If it’s not a scam, I’ll be more than happy to take the chance, if it is… I AM DESTROYED. Since I will be lending those 540$ and paying my whole monthly salary for 5 months to pay it back.

Thank you for the long read, please help me figure this out, if you need to know more information please ask.

Edit: [here’s her response when I asked her to pay all the fees and I’ll be happy to pay them back after I start working ](

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  1. It’s a common scam. Don’t bother trying to verify if any information that the scammer gave you is real information, because the scammer is not actually associated with any of that information. If the scammer said that they were the Queen of England, would you try to verify whether or not the Queen of England actually exists?

  2. joeyGibson says:

    Wait, so they are trying to charge *you* so you can go to work for this family? No job should make you pay to work for them.

  3. PlanningVigilante says:

    The “kindly” is a red flag for scammers. But aside from that you should never be asked to pay money to work. If there are fees, your employer should be the one paying them.

  4. Baby sitting jobs are filled with scams unfortunately. Try another occupation unless you know someone who needs babysitting.

  5. It sounds a bit suss to me. If they are based in the UK, is there a Better Business Bureau equivalent you can call to verify the company exists? Like a government body?

  6. sunny-beans says:

    I am an immigrant living in the UK, I have lived abroad for five years. There is absolutely zero point applying for babysitting jobs in the UK if you don’t live here, have citizenship or a visa that allows you to work, the family would have to get you a working visa what would be super expensive and difficult and for what if there is plenty of people here willing to offer those services? The UK also does not have an legal Au Pair program. If you want to go to another country to be an au pair (nanny live in, small allowance in exchange for looking after children) then you can look countries like Germany, France and the US.

    Any family that says you can come and it will be fine is lying and if you tell an immigration officer you are entering to work without the proper visa you will be denied entry immediately and sent back to your home country. If you are able to lie your way in, then you will be a easy target to abusive families that KNOW your status as an illegal immigrant will make it easier to exploit you, I have seeing many horror stories of people coming without a proper visa to work as a nanny and the host family stealing their passport, not paying, being abusive, and then what? Not worth it.

    So yep, if you want to immigrate, look at countries that actually have legal au pair programs where you can have actual protections in place and won’t be denied entry.

    In this particular case here, it’s obvious a scam. Do not give them money, you won’t see it again.

  7. botdetector_ca says:

    In a overpopulated 3rd world country in South Asia….. this is a full time job.

  8. hummousballs says:

    It’s scam

    Kindly do the needful sir

  9. Undercovermother19 says:

    That is definitely a SCAM!

  10. et842rhhs says:

    >since I will be doing it through Zenith Travel Agency. it will be easy since they are the best in their work.

    This part already sounded suspicious to me. People normally aren’t so enthusiastic about travel agencies. And if she’s supposed to be a native English speaker, her English is very awkward.

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