Tricked into transferring money

Tricked into bacs transfer by alleged business

Around three weeks ago, I began speaking to someone online. We arranged to meet at a ‘hotel’ they suggested. I made the booking via their website and the hotel contacted me, requesting payment be made via bacs transfer. I stupidly paid. The person is arranged to meet then messaged me suggesting that we purchase a number of items from the hotel. They agreed to pay half at first, but then said they couldn’t pay via bacs and suggested they pay me back in cash when we meet in person. Stupidly, I made further payments via bacs.

The next morning, I realized how stupid I’d been and sent an email requesting a refund. I was told one would be processed within two weeks. I immediately contacted my back, stating that I believed this to be fraud, and they said the payment appeared to be for a bill and that I should wait for the business to resolve the issue. Just over two weeks have passed and I’ve not received a refund. Again, I’ve contacted my bank and they’ve told me to wait for a few days before filing a dispute.

I’m really concerned my money’s gone even though my bank are signed up to the APP Scam program. I know I’ve been stupid – I recently separated from my wife, suffer from depression and thought I’d connected with someone. Lesson learnt – I feel like an idiot.

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  1. Aunty_Fascist says:

    Watch out for !recovery scammers, they lurk here.

    For the “services” you were trying to get: cash, in person only. Scammers are out of control these days.

  2. What is a “bacs transfer”? What country are you in?

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